CD Eyeballs

I wanted to make some spooky decorations for the teen zone this summer. We are doing a Ghosts vs. Zombies slew of activities that will go along with our “Own the Night” SRP theme. So I decided to use up some old cds that were scratched and weeded from our library collection.

So I used some hot glue, double-sided tape, a red sharpie, two scratched up cds (for each eye ball so that they were double sided), and two circles. First I glued the the 2 cds together with the shiney sides out.

Then I taped the first large (colored) circle to the cd.

Added some squiggle lines with the red sharpie.

Then added the smaller circle to make the “pupil” of the cd. Then I hung about 20 of them around the teen zone to decorate for our Ghosts vs. Zombies “Own the Night” Summer Reading Activities. I think the teens like them. 🙂

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