Random Thoughts on Packing

I am moving to Utah. I got a new job at the South Jordan Library (just down the road from where I went to high school–big shout out to all my Bingham Miner friends).

Anyway since I am moving a few states away, I have discovered the joys of proper labeling. I find that as I am packing my life into boxes (and boy howdy there is a lot I am packing) I like things like post-it-notes and packing tape. They are my friends. As of right now I have dozens of boxes that are all labeled with color-coded labels that have lists of the important contents listed. Hopefully this will make the unpacking all the easier. And the moving. Otherwise I am just being ultra organized for the fun of it. Hmmm…maybe that is really it. I like office products and perhaps this is a way to buy them guilt-free.

Yay, only a few more days until I pack up the moving truck! I can’t believe that I am only a couple of days away from moving closer to family and my Utah roots. Huzzah for that! Sad for leaving my friends I have made over the past five years of living in Washington state. :/

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