As many of you know, I have moved to Utah. And I have been trying to get everything unpacked and put together before I start at the South Jordan Library next Monday. Thus the pause in my blog entries. However, I have not gotten as much done as I had hoped…even though I have had three “helpers” who are very eager to help. Here are some pictures of my helpers “helping” me…or at least falling asleep while they were trying to help me…and why I haven’t gotten as many things done as I would have wished to.

But, they are cute helpers. And I love having them around. They are a few of the reasons why I wanted to come home to Utah, to see them more often. My “helpers” and I have had two trips to the library already. They are so excited to read with me and tell me all about the books that we have checked out. My niece is reading two or three books a day (so I checked out a few that are a little harder for her…hopefully she will be up for a challenge!)

A little while later I couldn’t help but take a few more pictures after I had gotten a few more things done. Here is what 15 minutes can do…

Now to figure out where I will sleep…seeing how that is my bed and my floor. Hmm…I wonder if they will notice if I sleep on the couch tonight. Or I could see if I can move one of them. I wonder if they would like sleeping in the bathtub… Or I could just go unpack another box. So many choices!

When I get fully unpacked, I will be back with more book reviews and crafts and library happenings. Until then, I had better figure out where I am going to sleep…

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