Vampirina Ballerina by Anne Marie Pace

Vampirina Ballerina
Anne Marie Pace
illustrated LeUyen Pham
Hyperion, 2012
ISBN: 9781423157533
FORMAT: Picture Book
AGES: Preschool, Elementary School
5 Stars!

One little vampire is a Dancing Queen around her spooky home. When her parents sign her up for night classes at a ballet studio, she is in heaven. But there are a few mishaps on her way to fulfilling her dreams. She must learn to not bring her pets (a cat and a bat), not trip on her cape, and not turn into a bat when things get tricky. But with a few good suggestions she learns how to keep working toward her dream so that she can dance as well as anyone.

Honestly, the story is fun–but the pictures are what make this book! The Vampirina Ballerina is so adorable (I love the pink and black and the sparkles). And there are so many funny moments that you wouldn’t get from the text. For example at one point everyone is looking in the mirror at the ballet studio and everyone has a reflection except for our young ballerina. Or when she is practicing around the haunted mansion each scene is hilarious (and the writing on the tombstones is a nice touch).

If there are little girls who love monsters, dancing, ballet, or all things pink and sparkly…this will be a fun book for them to check out of the library…or own! And since there are as many jokes for the parents as bits of the story for the little one, adults will want to read this again and again along with their kiddo. Well done!

And bonus! This is a great book to read to the girls who love pink just before Halloween!

What to Do After Reading This Book:
Dance around in costumes.
Do the “Monster Mash!”
Watch a ballet, or do your own ballet.
Talk about things that seem like they would be opposites (as in vampires and ballerinas).

What this teaches kids:
That opposites can go together.
That there is humor in looking at things that don’t often go together.
It is fun to look at things that might not be paired together and see how even reading text that is written in a more serious tone on a subject like ballet can be “funny” when thinking about another element like vampires.

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