Wow! Said the Owl by Tim Hopgood

How did I miss this one? How sad that I didn’t know about this book for the past 3 years!

So one day an owl takes a long nap when she was supposed to be awake. Then she stayed up in the daytime to see what she could see. There was yellow sunshine, red butterflies, white clouds, blue sky, and all sorts of wonderful colors to look at. She even saw a rainbow. But then the biggest “WOW!” of all came when she decided that “The nighttime stars are the most beautiful of all.”

I agree. Stars are the most beautiful of all. But then again, I have a thing for stars. And well-done picture books about colors. And brilliant illustrations. And stars. And night time. And night owls (like me). Yeah, this is a book after my own heart. I wish I had a couple of nieces and nephews around to read this with. Good think I can read it in storytime in July instead! 5 shining stars! Wow!

Things to Do After Reading This Book:
Go for a walk and see what colors you can see.
Make a color chart.
Draw pictures of various things that are similar colors.
Make a rainbow out of colored pictures of old magazines.
Put glow in the dark stars on the ceiling of your bedroom.
Make a star mobile and hang it in your room.

What this Teaches Readers:
The world is a beautiful place if you look for it.
Stars are the most beautiful things (okay, maybe that is really just me talking…)
It is good to try new things.
If you want to learn about something, do it!

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