Spider Web and Spider Craft

Since we are doing Halloween things in storytime this week, I made a Spider Web and Spider take-away craft that the kids could do at home.

1. Cut the middle out of a paper plate. Recycle it. Randomly (or not so randomly) punch holes in the outside circle of the paper plate.

2. String yarn through the holes to make a spider web pattern. Leave some tie it so that it won’t come undone. Then make sure that there is some extra yarn hanging out so that you can create a loop to hand the spider web and spider up for Halloween decorations.

3. Get two black pipe cleaners and a black pompom. Cut the black pipe cleaners in half. Then wrap the four half-sized pipe cleaners around the pompom to create a spider body with eight legs.

4. Wrap some of the spider leg ends around the spider web.

5. Hang it up and watch it “spin”. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Spider Web and Spider Craft

  1. I love this craft. It’s so much easier than the one I did with my grade schoolers a couple of years ago. That one involved contact paper and it got a little too sticky. This would be so easy with the preschool crowd. Thanks!!

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