Night Knight by Owen Davey

A little boy with a colander on his head transforms into a knight that is getting ready for bedtime. He gives a “ye olde yawn” and heads off on the great adventure for the night. He climbs mountains (stairs). He brushes teeth while dodging crocodiles. He turns out the lights (closes his “visor”). And he goes to sleep because “even a knight needs a good night’s sleep.”

I love the illustrations in this one. They are all browns, and rusts, and orangy-yellows. With a dab of cream and mint green here or there. The boy easily turns into a boy in pajamas with kitchen ware on his head to a great knight that does the impossible (going to bed easily…or taming three-headed-dragons).

I can’t wait to read this one in storytime. I think the kids will enjoy seeing what an imagination can do to ordinary things like bedtime.

What to Do After Reading This Book:
Draw a picture of a monster or animal a knight would encounter.
Go to bed…as well as the knight.
Use kitchen ware to make believe you are a different person. Perhaps someone could get a pot and be Johnny Appleseed or put some pot holders on your hands and be a clown.
Pretend to be a different person going to bed each night. What would they do differently? How would they brush their teeth or climb into bed? Try a princess or a dragon or an astronaut.

What Readers Will Learn from This Book:
It is good to sleep. Everyone needs to sleep, even heroes.
Going to bed can be an adventure.
Even mundane things can become exciting with a little imagination.

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