Spooky Creature Riddles by Janet Nuzum Myers

Spooky Creature Riddles
Janet Nuzum Myers
illustrated by Bob Ostrom
Sterling Children’s Books, 2005
ISBN: 978-1-4027-8669-3
FORMAT: Non-fiction, Joke Book
AGES: Elementary School
4 Stars

I love a good joke when doing a school tour or school visit. I like it when I often talk to kids in 2nd or 3rd grade and I have a particularly good joke they laugh. I love it when I talk to a 5th or 6th grader and tell them a funny joke and they try not to smile, but they do anyway. This book is full of good jokes to tell. And they are about all sorts of fun, spooky creatures. But the best part…there are MUMMY JOKES! Why should I be excited about this? Because I can sure use some good mummy jokes when planning next year’s summer reading program at the library. For example, how funny would it be if I was doing a school visit and busted out:

Q: Why are mummies bad singers?

A: Because they are tomb deaf.

I think the kids would totally crack up! Don’t believe me? How about:

Q: Why don’t mummies use doorbells?

A: Because they like to wrap at the door.

Yeah, you know you smiled at those too. Yeah, good stuff. I will keep this in mind for next Halloween as well as the Summer Reading Program 2013!

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