Milaya’s Skirt

So since I had the huge move and all, I realized that I didn’t put up pictures of Milay’s skirt that I made for her half-birthday months ago. Basically I found this beautiful pink fabric that I thought she might like. And I decided to pair it with some grey for a lining. Hmm…I should probably show you in pictures what I did, since that will make more sense.

Here is the pink fabric. I cut the size to be just right for a skirt for her.

Then I sewed a hem and folded over some fabric at the top for part of the waist.

Then I cut out some grey muslin that was just shorter than the pink for the lining.

Then sewed that into a large tube and hemmed it.

The pink was a bit bigger of a tube than the grey. (The grey was almost the right size, but I really wanted a few pleats in the outer layer of the skirt so I could have a few more frilly details. So, I pinned the whole thing together and added a few pleats on one side.

You can hardly tell, but then I sewed the waist again with the pink and the grey (the grey is under here). I wanted them to both show on the top and I wanted the elastic to go in the grey so you wouldn’t see it through the think pink fabric.

Then I put the elastic through the grey part and sewed that back together. Putting it all through the grey also meant that there wasn’t any problems with doing the elastic through the pleats.

Where there were all the pleats I sewed a few gathers in the pink fabric. That way it bunched up nicely and I could add the extra fancy details that I thought my niece would like.

First I made two tubes of grey fabric and sewed the ends shut.

Then with one of the tubes I started twisting it around itself.

Until I got somewhat of a fabric rose that I liked.

Then I sewed the rose onto the grey fabric just under the pink gathers.

With the second tube of grey fabric I added a bow that I sewed on top of the pink fabric right above the rose.

I thought this looked a little more like what a “fancy” girl would like to wear. Plus, can you see the flower embroidery details on the pink fabric? I just loved that!

And here is what the pink and grey skirt looks like. Hopefully she liked it as much as I liked making something extra fancy for her!

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