Beehive Cake

So for church we had a Dessert Auction to help raise money for Girls Camp and Scout Camp. Since there were Young Women and Young Men trying to earn money I made two cakes. This is the Beehive Cake dedicated to the Young Women (I couldn’t figure out how to do a MiaMaid Cake or a Laurel Cake that I liked, so the Beehives get the nod of creativity.) I saw this Family Fun beehive cake idea…but I didn’t need to make something that grand in scale. So I modified it a bit. Basically I used the cake pan that is for the dress of a barbie doll (the dome that you would stick the doll in the top of). Then I used it for a beehive. I used butter cream frosting.

And a bit of (gasp) chocolate frosting to make the door to the beehive.

And Family Fun had a good idea to use marshmallows and twix to make some bees. I think they turned out pretty cute…even if they were made from chocolate.

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