My Yosemite: a Guide for Young Adventurers by Mike Graf

My Yosemite: A Guide for Young Adventurers
Mike Graf
illustrations by Annette Filice
Yosemite Conservancy, Yosemite National Park, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-930238-30-5
FORMAT: Non-Fiction
AGES: Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School
5 Stars!

I have never been to Yosemite. I just might have to go now. Not only do I love National Parks, but I love seeing beautiful photographs and illustrations of places in National Parks. And this book is full of such wonderful illustrations that I feel like I just HAVE to go to Yosemite now.

This book talks about the history of Yosemite, the major people who have worked to make Yosemite what it is, and what you can do if you visited Yosemite today. There are loads of practical advice (how to keep bears away from your food, what types of hikes are in the park, how to be safe when exploring the various bits of nature). And there are stories of people who work(ed) there and what they know and why they love the park. Basically this is a handy guide for those that need to convince their parents to take a vacation to Yosemite along with a few tidbits that you will want to know once you get there.

I love that this book is highlighting the beauty of our country, specifically the wonderful place of Yosemite. I liked learning about how Yosemite got its name. (Its a “Miwok word that means ‘some of them are killers.'”) I noticed that there is not just beautiful photographs showing people what they need to see in person. There are tips of what to pack, a graph that shows weather and rainfall, lists of gear rock climbers need, etc. This is the type of book that is really like tips from an expert on what to expect and do when you go to that experts’ favorite place. It makes me want to go there…soon. Anyone up for a road trip? I know a good book that I will loan you… 😉

Book Discussion Questions:
When will you be going to Yosemite?
Was there anything that surprised you about reading about Yosemite?
What bear advice do you think is the hardest to follow?
How would you survive if you ran into a bear?
What type of things would you want to see in Yosemite?
Why do you think that Yosemite is such a famous National Park?

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